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Selenium Toning

Selenium is one of my favourite chemical toners for darkroom prints, so much that at the moment pretty much the majority of my prints are toned with it. I love its flexibility, and depending on your paper choice – the colour change can be as subtle or dramatic as your vision for the print dictates. […]


Super excited to announce I will be working with Static Age to publish a physical release of my images! One of my aims at the start of this year was to focus on creating a body of work that could be reflected in some form as a self published zine, needless to say I’m buzzing that […]

First Post!

Hello and welcome! My name is Jason Connelly – I am a photographer based in Falkirk, Scotland and this is my little corner of digital dust. My work at the moment is primarily shot on black and white film, developed in chemistry and printed onto photographic paper using a traditional darkroom. I love it. There’s […]