Rannoch Moor

I spent some time on the western side of Rannoch Moor at the end of 2019. I find its quite a sombre place really – it’s full of interesting trees and islands but it doesn’t really resonate with a vibe that could be described as pretty. But it really is a unique location.

I was lucky that the weather conditions were more or less perfect – I love to shoot in overcast skies, the mountains had a decent covering of snow and the wind was really calm allowing for some awesome reflections from the water.

Successful trip right?

So I was a little disappointed at first when I developed the film and looked at the negatives at first if I’m being honest.  I went back to them after a couple of weeks with fresh eyes and started making some test prints in the darkroom and they really started to come to life. I love them now. 🙂 (there’s a lesson in here somewhere…)






All these images were shot with my Hasselblad 500cm on Ilford HP5 film @ EI200, developed in ID11 at 1:1 for about 13 minutes. Printed on Ilford papers in the darkroom.

Top tip – ditch the hiking boots and get a pair of wellies on before trekking through here!

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